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#dailygratitude - Happy Father’s Day


The years have passed.

The children grew.

You gave them special gifts.

You helped them learn.

You gave your time.

You showed them they could “do”.

You taught them how

To skate and bike.

You played with toys and tools.

You shared wisdom.

You joked and teased.

You knew how to have fun.

You gave your heart.

And gave your soul.

To all your children, true.

The toys and games

And cars and trains

Are coming out today.

‘Cuz now you get

To play again.

Your grandchild wants to play.

Title : “Young at Heart, the husband”

Watercolor, acrylic, color pencil on watercolor paper

23”x 40” (diptych 1 of 2)



The backstory:

This is the boy, who became the man, who became the father, and now a grandfather. The father to my children. The anchor to my heart.

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