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#dailygratitude - gardens of history


In the gardens

The Artist’s brush

Paints the colors

Of yesterday.

A goddess stands

Inside the courtyard.


The huntress.

“A Glimpse of Diana”

The Huntington Library

Oil on canvas

30” x 30”


Commissions and Prints available

The backstory:

“Diana the Huntress takes aim at a dazzling blue sky. This beautiful 1920s bronze sculpture by Anna Hyatt Huntington (on long-term loan from the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard) is one of several likenesses of the goddess that can be found in the gardens and galleries, representing different periods of European and American art history.“

Dianarepresented one of the most complex figures in Roman mythology, juxtaposing ideas of remoteness, chastity, and protection with themes of hunting, fertility, and the propagation of lineages. She was especially importantto women and to the lower classes, whom she was believed to protect.

Credit to:

The Huntington Library and Museum, San Marino, CA

And Wikipedia

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