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#dailygratitude - fond memories


The Poetry of Art

Children here were born and raised.

A family just began.

Home was cozy, life was good.

Life here was the plan.

Plans soon change, and memories fade,

Life brings new adventures.

Seasons come and seasons go.

And we search new ventures.

It’s time to move and carry on.

Our sacred moments here.

We find a way to hold this day.

Recalling moments dear.

How Much Is That Tzarzy In The Window

Oil on Canvas



The backstory:

Tucked a sweet neighborhood in Baltimore, this lovely home was a beloved residence. Their first home owned as a married couple, the young man and wife started their family here. It wasn’t long before they knew they wanted to keep the memories this home had offered. The husband commissioned this painting in the middle of winter as a gift to his wife. With his help I was able to create a spring scene in the middle of winter through several photos of the home, pictures of the trees and shrubs from research on the web, the cardinal on the fence, and the family cat in the window. A memory to keep for generations.

“To remember you by” is a collection of commissioned paintings that I share with you now.

Fine Art, Originals,

Selected Artist Prints And Gifts

Commissions Available

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