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#dailygratitude - first love


“Where’s Mine?” - Classic Car Collections

Oil on canvas 12”x 12”


FINE ART FOR SALE - Originals & Prints

Commissions Available 760-728-1506


Once upon a car ...

Right from the start

She was the one

Who grabbed my heart.

Her dress was blue,

With bright white stripes.

‘Twas then I knew.

She’d be my love.

She fit my hands

Just like a glove.

Her curves and style.

Her chromed fenders.

We’d drive for miles.

I don’t know how

I let her go.

Where is she now?


The backstory:

This classic I captured with my camera as she turned right in front of me. Aim and shoot. Then as quickly as she’d arrived in my view, she was gone. In my studio I painted her memor.

So fun to remember our first car—the way it felt in our hands, our first time out on the road alone with the wind blowing in our face, and the powerful feelings of true independence. I bought my first car at 16. I still think of her every once in a while.

Where’s yours?


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