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#dailygratitude - Finding balance


“Hoods Up” - Classic Car Collections

1954 Chevy Pickup, 1938 Ford Pickup

Oil on canvas 24”x 24”


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Need a truck.

Yes, just a truck.

For me to use.

Don’t need style.

Don’t need fashion.

Just a mule.

This one’s sweet.

I changed my mind

Just in time.

This one’s a beaut.

It might just be

The truck for me.


The backstory:

I love trucks. In fact, my second vehicle was truck. I hauled artwork here and there, drove it to work, and took it on short trips. When we married we needed more space for our family, so we invested in a custom made extended Toyota pickup. The kids were tucked away in the backseat (no back doors) with free access to the small camper shell. It was great for family trips.

When I saw these 2 classics side by side, I wanted to take them both home with me. Finally a balance between Art and Sensibility. Instead, I recreated both in oil on canvas.

Find a place to add this piece to your home ... and your collection of Bjlane FineArt and Decor.


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