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Title : “ The Untold Story” - Oil on Canvas - 36”X36”


When fields were ripe

With ripened grain

The man and wife

Began their life.

With child in arm

Side by side.

The Backstory:

Here am I in my mother’s arms—Daddy close by, holding my older sister. This was the beginning my life. The root of my family. Created with the help of an old black and white photo, my mind imagines a family just beginning. Products of the farming industry, my mother and father both worked on a farm in their youth.They met at a local skating rink, and fell in love. Young and ambitious, my father decided to move to the big city.

Through my childhood they were there for me and my 3 siblings. Twenty years later, they had a parting of ways, but the childhood memories of growing up in a loving household still remains with me. I will forever be grateful for my parents.

After all, it’s a beautiful life.


“MEMOIRS OF THE HEART”- ART EXHIBIT through March 28, 2020

Portrait workshop: Sat. 2/8/20 2-4pm

Closing reception: Sat. 3/21/20 2-4pm

Vista Library

700 Eucalyptus Ave

Vista, CA 92084

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