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#dailygratitude- enjoying moments


The Poetry of Art:

To the west there’s a place

Where sky’s are brightest hue.

The sky begins to darken there,

And clouds turn a dark blue.

I know you traveled down this road,

But did you really see ...

This lovely moment in your life?

Right now. For you. For me.

@Highway to the Sky”-Metro Collections

Oil on canvas 36”x 36””



Sometimes the crowded freeway makes for a difficult ride—especially when you are in a rush, have a time limit, or just plainly want to be home. The car cuts you off, a horn is honked, or some sudden stoppage of traffic. For city dwellers it’s our life—busy, rushed, and chaotic.

Transport yourself from stress, and look around you. Life is beautiful. The sun glows as it moves across the sky. The earth reflects the sunset. Light and shadow, color, and movement are pleasing to the senses. Even the traffic is beautiful as it reflects our lives.

Enjoying the moment.

This original is for sale.

Interested in purchasing? Message me for details

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