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#dailygratitude - catching beauty


The Poetry of Art

Can you catch him?

There he goes.

Shining colors.

Brilliant red.

Ed’s 57.

A slice of heaven.

The Great Escape Study

9"x 11”"

Ipad painting


The backstory:

Yesterday’s post featured a painting “The Great Escape”, which highlighted a red

57 Chevy driving down the streets of Eagle Rock, California. It was created in my traditional medium—oil on canvas.

Today’s painting “The Great Escape Study” was created afterwards, on an iPad with the use of a painting program “Sketchbook Pro”. Digital painting tools created an opportunity for me to present this 57 classic in fresh, new way. This time I placed this sweet Chevy on the 210 Freeway—the original location I had first spotted his red colors with my camera.

You can check out some of my other digital paintings here:

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