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#dailygratitude - capturing time


A story of time.

A tale to tell

Of days gone by.

Old home stands.


Waiting for another chance

To shine.

Today‘s sun

Brings brilliance

To the subdued enchantress.

We see her true color.

Glowing in full spectrum.

Title : “This Old House”

Oil on canvas

24”x 36”

Original available



The backstory:

Tucked between our modern structures are sweet gifts of history. I love discovering older homes that somehow have survived our modernism.

In the early 1980’s I discovered this treasure. Finally, many years later, one sunny day I brought canvas and paint, and parked my mobile studio across the road from this structure. The oak tree in the front yard seemed to reach out to me to introduce us. Both had watched change happen. They’d experienced different families, watched in silence as owners came and went, and children played on these steps and climbed these branches.

In quiet reverence I captured a moment in history.

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