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#dailygratitude - Art from the Heart


This week - Faces of Art

#dailygratitude - connection

Who is this face that stares at me

through mirror and reflection?

Here is my heart. Here is my soul.

I offer you connection.

Into the Artist’s world you’ll be.

You’ll see the joys and sorrows.

You glimpse the life I wish to lead

When you drop by tomorrow.


The backstory:

I hope you will join me this week as I share with you the different faces of the Artist through Self Portraiture. In the series, I reveal my inner thoughts. Reflecting deeply inside the heart I offer you a peek at my personal journey and my dedication to creativity and artful living.

These collections are especially curated for you and presented with poetry and story from the heart.

Fine Art, Originals, Artist Prints And Gifts

(If you order from my store, contact me for your free gift:

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