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#dailygratitude - Art from the Heart


This week - Poetry of sculpture

#dailygratitude - variety of life

Paint, clay, metal.

Brush, hands, tools.

Creativity, expression, heartfelt.

The spice of life.


The backstory:

At seven years old, my art career began. For the next five years I had access to pencil and paper. In sixth grade I was exposed to color and paint. The world opened up. That same year, I was shown the joys of paper-mâché and sculpture. This was the start of a relationship with different medium and dimensions. Although I’ve focused most of my life on color and canvas, I still go back-and-forth between paint and sculpture. Join me this week as I present a few pieces from my sculpture collection. My most recent work is metal and bronze. I hope you will join me in my journey.

These collections are especially curated for you and presented with poetry and story from the heart.

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