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#dailygratitude - April Autism Awareness Month


Dedicated to my daughter, who lives with Autism...

Look over here. Your eyes so blue.

They tell of me and you.

We are the same. Yes. You and I.

We laugh. We live. We cry.

It is not easy dear. I know.

The challenge of this world.

A whisper of unsettling truth.

The answers are unclear.

Yet here we are, and this I know.

You‘ve taught me many things.

We are the same. Though different we.

We live. We love. We learn.

“Searching for the missing piece”

Mixed medium: wood, charcoal, acrylic,


The backstory:

Dedicated to Autism Awareness, this work signifies a search for answers from early childhood through adult. In the portrait, my daughter is the model. Affected by this disorder from birth, she struggles to express her thoughts and ideas in words. Throughout her life, she has taught many people skills of patience, advocacy, and unconditional love. My wish is that someday a piece of this puzzling disorder will be found, and thus offer hope to those severely affected by Autism.

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