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#dailygratitude / just dancin’


Just dance.

I tell myself.

As I struggle through the day.

Be in the flow.

Just let go.

This moment too will pass.

Get in the groove.

Feel the rhythm.

This is a lessened learned.

Yesterday’s struggles

Are now gone.

A new day has dawned.

A brand new dance

A brand new day

I’m floating through the air.

A chance to dance.

A chance to grow.

With wings of gratitude.

Title: “A Dancer’s Life”

Mixed medium on illustration board, airbrush, pencil acrylic, color pencil


The backstory:

At night, before I put my head to rest, I reflect on the lessons of the day. Did I flow with life this day? Did I fill my heart with gratitude? Did I challenge myself to do my best? The morning comes. Now. Today. I promise myself to learn the grace, and dance the steps. I am not afraid. I take the leap. Better every day.

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