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Daily Gratitude - “The Ride”

Updated: May 22, 2020

“Can we go for a ride?”

We’ve been cooped up way too long.

Let’s go for a ride.

Were can we go today?

I’ll let you decide.

We could head down Memory Lane

When days were warm and bright,

Or when we gathered with our friends

All throughout the night.

We could dream of days to come

And plan and learn and grow.

Becoming better everyday

With the seeds we sow.

Or we could travel daily life

One moment at a time.

Sharing love, hope, faith and peace.

Gratitude and love.

After all it’s a beautiful world.


This month

“Pairing The Nature Of Color”

The juxtaposition of two paintings in a confined space. Observe the color. Meet the subject. Experience Art.

Let’s bring our world together creatively.

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