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Daily Gratitude - Mostly Sunny

“Mostly sunny” 36”x54” oil on canvas

Sasse Museum Permanent Collection

(Artist prints available)

Today I woke to cool, moist skies.

The sun was hiding out.

“But yesterday was warm and bright!”

I just wanted to SHOUT.

Suddenly I saw some blue

Peeking from the haze.

I looked again and saw the rain.

I was in a daze.

The beauty of the rain falling

Upon the needy ground

Reflected all the colors here

Above and around.

Cloud cover, misty rain.

Quiet solitude

Made me see the lovely day

in another mood.

A brand new world.

After all, it’s a beautiful life.

“For the Love of Cars” ... revealing our heartfelt connections with the automobile.


Let’s bring ourselves together creatively.

Originals and Prints available.


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