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Daily Gratitude - lazy day

I’m wishing for a lazy dog day.

A day to rest and play.

The sun is out, the kids are gone.

That day must be today.

I’ve worked all week and got things done.

(I even swept the floor).

I think I want to get away.

Just open up the door.

I think I’ll take a little walk

And breathe the fresh clean air.

But then ...

A nap sounds really good!

Title: “lazy dog day”

Oil on canvas

© Bjlane


Commissions and Prints available


The backstory:

Every so often I enroll in classes to push myself to play. Art is so intrenched in my soul, that I need to take a break and just be a student again—to learn with a students desire, and see what new ideas inspire my work. This piece was created several years ago in a drawing class I took at Citrus College. The project was inspired by an assignment requiring the morphing a human and an animal. A perfect time to get in a nap!

Let’s bring our world together creatively.


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