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Daily Gratitude - gardens of meditation

Morning Light.

A new day.

Brilliant color.

Silent Peace.


After all, it’s a beautiful world.

“Morning Light on the Bridge”

The Huntington Library

Oil on canvas

30” x 30”

Inland Empire Museum of Art

Permanent Collection


Commissions and Prints available

The backstory:

A few years ago, an early morning visit to the Japanese Garden (at Huntington Library in San Marino California), was the inspiration for this piece. In this tranquil spot, my “Artist Hand” took control, pushing and pulling oil pigment over the large canvas. Soon trees, sky, and structure were at one with each other, as color filled the once blank fabric.

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Today, let me bring you into a world of gratitude. Open your heart. Experience life. Fill your moments with beauty.

Let’s bring our world together creatively.


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