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#dailygratitude - the dream

I had a dream ...

A dream of fame. A dream of fortune. 

A dream of new places and treasures beyond belief. 

My dream was filled with joy. 

My dream was filled with love.

My dream was filled with brilliance. 

My dream was filled with color. 

I awake and my dreams exist. 

I am honored to give my gifts to those I love. 

My wealth is my beautiful child and her sweet smile. 

My journies are new chapters in my life.  

My abundant treasures are new friends and new experiences. 

I embrace joy and love right here and now. 

The brilliance and color of the new day astounds me. 

My dream is alive. 

A new day is come. 

“Sweet Dreams” Classic Cars Oil on Canvas 12"x12" ©Bjlane 


Original and artist fine art prints available 

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