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#DailyGratitude - flaming fire

It was the day of fire. The room was silent except for the crackly flame and a sharp whining sound from an electric sander. A single cylinder mold created of sand and plaster, two rectangular molds created of resin sand, and two odd organic shaped molds created of ceramic shell stood waiting in the sandbox for hot molten metal. The pitted crucible was red, and manned by the armored guard. Finally the moment of anticipation had arrived. It was time to pour. The electric sander was silenced. Two fire team members dressed in leathers, helmets, and gloves, signaled each other. The third equipment controls team member (clad in aluminum) stood waiting silently for instructions as she held holding the motion controls. Commands from the leader, and the crucible is hoisted. Movement. Positioned. Tipped. Red hot molten metal poured into the pour cups and filled each mold. One by one, the sculptures were created. Soon to be released from their home, and ground and polished. Another sculpture for the world to embrace.

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