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Make a wish-National Autism Awareness Month

National Autism Awareness Month, Bjlane Art

Title: "Make a wish"

Medium: Acrylic and Oil on canvas

copyright Bjlane

The Journey continues . . .

Featured here ... the birthday party, and family portrait. This is a section of a diptych painting (2 of 2) and is a reflection of history. It symbolizes a celebration of time passing, and a silent, hopeful wish for the future.

Friends and family gather at the 10th birthday celebration. The happy birthday song has been sung. The birthday girl with autism tips her head, watching the flicker of candles. Friends and family look on. The parents (in the portrait painting on the back wall) silently watch the proceedings. The older sibling on the left smiles, and reassures the birthday girl. It is time to blow out the candles. In the silence a wish is made . . . a wish and a hope for the future.



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All Artwork is Copyrighted,

and may not be reproduced in any form

without prior authorization from Bj Lane

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