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My Secret Recipe-National Autism Awareness Month

National Autism Awareness Month, Bjlane Art

Title: My Secret Recipe

Medium: Photo Collage

The Journey continues . . .

Through the past 25 years I have learned what I feel is the most important lesson of life. It defines a basic rule I need to follow in order to be my best.

As a mother with a daughter who has had Autism from birth, this simple rule helps keep me calm, aware, and focused on my journey. Following or not following this basic rule can mean my success or failure, yet I still need daily reminders to follow it. If I don't follow its guidelines, I simply cannot cope with the challenges presented to me in everyday life.

So what is this basic rule? In order to be the best support for someone I love, I need to make sure I am also supported. I need to first take care of ME. If I am overwhelmed emotionally or physically, I cannot do my best. Listening to my own personal needs, and connecting with my heart is my secret recipe.

The SPECIAL RECIPE for the Parent and/or Caregiver:

Combine the following ingredients:

1. Nutritious Food

2. Enough Daily Rest

3. Exercise Routines

Stir in:

1. Join with Exceptional Organizations whose mission is your own

2. Connect with wonderful people who support your dreams

3. Reach out and don't be afraid to ask for help

Mix in fully - Nourishment of the soul:

1. Date night every week

2. Read inspiring books

3. Be creative - try something new

4. Be full of gratitude

Lastly put on the icing:

Throw in a big scoop of laughter . . . and sweeten with a smile!

Take care of self, hold hands, share stories, get inspired, love life,

and share love with those we care for.





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