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"The Unfinished Piece"

Title: "The Unfinished Piece""

Medium: oil on Paper


And the Journey continues . . .

Depicted here, an unfinished sketch of Tammy. It only seemed right to dress her in a swim suit and place one of her favorite activities beside her ... the bucket and shovel. Add some water, and the sandbox was her favorite place. Distracted briefly by the photographer's camera, her beautiful eyes were only shared with the camera lens. She would not look directly at those humans around her . . .

As with most families, our life changed with the addition of a new member of the family. And then an undiscovered layer of Autism forced us to learn even more.

Why did she not feel the hot water? Why was she so attracted to sand and rice? Why was she so sensitive to noises? Why did light and movement disturb her? We discovered a clue: Sensory Processing.

Sometimes called sensory processing disorder-or SPD, these issues happen because the brain has trouble organizing information from the senses. Children with sensory processing issues can be oversensitive to sights, sounds, textures, flavors, smells and other sensory input.

For more information about SPD -Sensory Processing Disorder



www.autism society.org


California Regional Centers

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