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World Autism Awareness Day

Title: "The Missing Piece"

Medium: Acrylic and mixed medium on wood

"The Missing Piece"

(shared with permission-an excerpt from a poem created)

by Jocelyn Plowey

Life's Mystery- "Autism" the missing puzzle piece"

(which is a symbol of our lack of understanding of autism in many ways, as how best to solve the riddle of autism...)

"Out there, yes out there! Some where far beyond our expectation, lies the mystery of the missing puzzle piece! The Mystery - The Unknown! We must put together to find its known cause “Autism".

It’s a mystery, a fight to be fought against this complex brain disorder that inhabits a person’s ability to communicate and develop social relationship often accompanied by extreme behavior challenges.

Challenges we must overcome! An everlasting journey we will face ahead of us! A life long developing disability, which threatens our society and nation. A task everyone will bear! Have no fear – there is HOPE, also FAITH, so have no despair, our answers are on its way - mark its journey, the day will come! " . . .




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