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Double the Pleasure-a digital sketch

L.A. County Fair Paintings ©2010 Bjlane

1056 "Double the pleasure"

Medium: iPad Painting

©2010 Bjlane

The sun is down. Soon this digital sketch which will become a painting on canvas, but for this night, I capture it on a digital screen. My fingers quickly sweep across the cool surface, blending strips of dark blue and violet. Lines and curves are drawn with a digital tool; the traveling equine are painted; a group of strangers are added; finally the highlights shine with brilliance. I watch the night's adventure . . riders galloping through space . . . enjoying the moment . . . with me and my iPad.



"LOVE A FAIR" art exhibit

a special tribute to a decade of art of the L.A. County Fair

dA Center for the Arts

252 S Main St, Pomona, CA 91766


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