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Disappearing act ...

Outdoor Mural - trees on a garage

"The Disappearing Act"- Mural, Polymer Paint on building structure (the garage), ©2008 Bjlane

Down the pathway, a bright yellow wall filled in the background of the green persimmon tree. "I'd like to make that garage disappear", my client said. I quickly considered that taking the garage down would not be an option. "When my wife was alive, we talked about putting clouds back there, or changing the color of the wall ... but we never got to it".

In the daylight, this backyard display was barely visible. Blank platforms lay where the quaint, small-scale buildings had been removed for safe keeping. I'd been invited here many times before. The "End-of-Christmas Parties"were infused with delicious treats, close friends and music from the old player piano. I loved going to this gathering in-between the holidays. It was a chance to celebrate the finish of a year, and the preparation for new digits on our calendars. In the party atmosphere, the train town would be alive with activity. The small painted buildings would be displayed on their matching foundations. Miniature trees twinkled with lights, and the little electric trains made their way around the tracks. But now, in the daylight, I saw the dilemma. His wife, my friend, the party planner, had left this earth before the vision was complete.

I soon began my transformation preparations––a grey color to match the Pasadena sky, a few strips of cloud cover, and some trees in the distance. The magic disappearing act––and a little reminder to finish the dream.

"The train building"-Mural, Polymer paint on wooden box, ©2010 Bjlane

(The control center/locomotive station storage box, was transformed 2 years later into this building, by way of paint, brush and summer sun.)


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