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silent language...

"Sketch of Tammy-abstracting the line" graphite and pen on paper/sketchbook ©2007 Bjlane

"Sketch of Tammy-seeing with one eye" graphite on paper/sketchbook ©2007 Bjlane

Even though she had the diagnosis of Autism, adolescence for my 16-year-old daughter was typical in many ways. Just like the rest of us, she was trying to find out just who she was. She wanted her voice to be heard. But for her, the challenge was different...

Although there were sure signs of physical and intellectual growth, my daughter's emotional, behavioral, and social development were not as easy to recognize and define. Without spoken or written language it was not only difficult to sustain friendships, but she was unable to get her basic needs met. The result was frustration, anger, and anxiety. I needed to help her communication emerge, but how?

Reaching for my toolbox, I pulled out my pad and pencil, my canvas and paint. I drew. I sketched. I painted. I pulled out my clay. I sculpted. I observed, listened intensely, and tried to learn her silent language. Slowly peeking through the silence, I began to understand what she was trying to communicate.

When creating my artwork, I reflect on a specific subject matter with the same intensions. I challenge the moment to see what is being communicated. I reach for my toolbox, pull out my pad, pencil, canvas or paint. I model the clay in my hands. I analyze its silent language.


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