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My sister, my friend

Portrait of 2 young sisters by Bjlane

"Sisters" Private Commission, Mixed Media on rag board, ©1994 Bjlane

Velvet and dotted swiss, chenille, chiffon, lace and satin, the dresses are picked out for this special occasion and accessorized with fragrant flowers. The portrait is not just a picture of two young siblings. This is a representation of sisterhood. Their hearts are close, the oldest wraps her arm around the youngest in protection. The young girl leans toward her sister, feeling the safety of her embrace. The background is dark and unknown, yet the light is before them. The embellished pink roses remind us of gentleness and admiration. The sisters feel the sweet poetic connection and they smile knowingly. Supporting each other, they float in the universe, knowing that the other is there. Companions. Loving. Accepting. Caring. The archival painting holds the pose in still motion aspiring to live does the unique intimacy visible in the subjects...forever sisters.


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