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It finally happened...

"Slow Down" Digital Medium, IPad Painting, ©2011

Heading home from a long day's activity, I sat in the passenger seat with my iPad sitting comfortably on my lap. What ease this piece of technology offered me with its glowing screen, unlimited color palette, and manageable size. I had painted in transit before, but it was a bit challenging. Just a couple years back, my nocturne paintings had been created on a black drawing pad, with colored pencils. I had used an external lamp that attached to the center console and would bend its long neck over my drawing surface in order to see what I was doing. I had resisted buying an iPad until my visit to the Apple Store, where I discovered "apps"... Drawing apps, Painting apps, Photo apps, apps for changing your Art into 3D, Apps for creating Colored Pencil drawings, and apps for creating Special Effects.

When drawing or painting in "plein air"(on location), typically I find an inanimate object to observe...a building, a scene, or a street. The only thing moving is the sun. In transit, there are a variety of challenges, as I find myself moving through space. The velocity of other vehicles, the speed at which my driver accelerates or decelerates causes my brain to work overtime. The lane dividers, the oncoming traffic, the freeway signs and roadway lights all move at different speeds. One vehicle passes, one slows down as we pass him, and another blocks the view. The scene is constantly changing.

But not this time...this time the traffic stopped. I had 20 minutes of fast flying finger work, palette grabbing, and tool using fun. I expect those around me had no idea at the pleasure I was experiencing stuck on the freeway at zero miles per hour. I only wish I'd had an hour!

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