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Finding the joy in little things...

Self portrait of the artist-Bjlane

"Self Portrait" Charcoal and Pencil ©2009 NFS

How far back can you remember? My first memory was around 2-years-old. There was a great big chair in the living room, and I was directly behind. Though I didn't know they were little, my hands pushed the back of the giant rocker and my efforts were immediately rewarded. The chair came back to greet me. Once again I used my little arms to heave the brown leather forward. Over and over I pushed and waited for the reaction. The child on the chair seemed to enjoy the ride, as I motored our pretend car. "BMMMM BRRMMMM"I made the sound of an engine. My lips tingled. I laughed. Children find joy in the little things. Just bring a 1-year-old a present, and you will find that the wrapping paper is sometimes more interesting to them than the toy you brought. Perhaps sometimes "us grownups" need to be a bit more like little children--finding the joy in the little things life brings.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso

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