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Spending time with the Masters

Was I dreaming? Was I really here? The building before me was slightly familiar as I had already seen it in photos, in movies and in history books. Somehow, it looked different than I had imagined. In my youth, I had often hoped and dreamed that one day I would be able to see this icon in person. Now here I was. I couldn't keep my eyes off the much detail around the edges of entryways, on columns and around windows and roofs. Such complex geometry. "And look at the sculpture attached to the building!" I told myself. As my eyes focused to take in the entire scene, a strange, clear triangular shape (on the left) caught my attention. "Oh yes," I thought to myself. I recalled hearing about the modern structure juxtaposed against the antique edifice.

I had just experienced a 3-hour tour of the Museum--not near enough time to study the antiquity on display. I didn't want to leave this vault of treasure. Yet, I couldn't resist the pull I felt to escape. I just NEEDED to take a closer look at this fascinating place before my schedule would force me to depart. Quickly setting up my mobile studio (easel, paint, hat and gloves), I began painting, facing the entrance of the Museum that housed the Masterpieces I had studied in my youth. It wasn't a dream. I was finally here. I felt the Masters whispering to me, telling me their secrets.

The Louvre. ©May, 2008

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