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and I call myself and artist

"Reflecting on life" (self portrait) oil on canvas 24"x 48" NFS ©2009

I am…

Without creativity there is nothing.

Finding it’s way up through the cracks in the sidewalk

a weed reaches the sunlight and survives.

Through the creative process, I too, find my way.

I exist through the life I discover.

I search for value in light and dark.

I absorb the splendid color that surrounds me.

I feel the texture and sense the fragrance.

I value lines in perspective and the perspective of color.

I am inspired by nature, humanity and structure.

Through a variety of medium I find creativity.

Employing brush and pigment, I am at peace.

Through painted surface, bent metal and sculpted clay, I survive.

I explore my creativity through music and the written word.

Through my art, I find myself.

I call myself an artist.

Thinking of something you want created especially for you? For commissions, pricing, or workshop and classes information, contact me directly:

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