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"Time's a Tickin" 18"x 24" Mixed medium on paper ©2005

Observe: a portrait of my life scheduled with household activities: making dinner, cleaning floors, washing dishes, entertaining, teaching children and celebrating birthday, holidays and family traditions. A small child, sitting undertow, holds balloons. Time flies by...tick, tick, tick. In a blink the clock reads a new digit. The children grow. Sometimes they leave home, sometimes they stay around, sometimes they come to visit. Life goes on... When do I find time to create my art? Write my blog? Be a visionary? How to I get to make my statement, speak my voice, paint, sculpt and take care of the artist within me? Somewhere in-between all the precious moments of running a household and raising a family supporting my partner and living with a person affected by Autism, there are cracks of time that hide, secretly, awaiting to be discovered. Can you smell the meatloaf in the kitchen as it warms up in the microwave? My family waits for an extra minute as I am write down my words.

Some of my favorite Inspirational books:

"A Minute for Myself" by Spencer Johnson MD

"The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy

"The ONE Thing" by Gary Keller & Jan Papasan

Thinking of something you want created especially for you? For commissions, pricing, or workshop and classes information, contact me directly: bjartworks@mac.com

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