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4th of July- Inspiration

"THE AMERICAN HERO" 24"x36" - oil on canvas ©2010 $3500.00

Celebrating American Independence Day, I am sharing a painting I created which offers the viewer a juxtaposition of past and present. Old Glory flies proudly in this fire station. The antique firetruck brings us to another time in American history. Why did I create this piece? Artists are inspired by a variety of reasons. We can be inspired by another person, place or experience. Sometimes a piece is created for a specific exhibit. Many times, the subject is brought out by emotions, but sometimes it is standing right in front of us. The scene or idea begs the artist to tell it's story. If I am in tune, and hear its plead, the magic of creation takes over, and a masterpiece is done.

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The most important Independence Day Art Pieces

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