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Color of life

"CRUISIN' THE BOARDWALK" 24"X30" Oil on canvas ©2010 original $3200.00

ARE YOU AFFECTED BY COLOR? Whether you have ever thought about it or not, colors affect us all. Studying Color Psychology, you can begin to realize the importance of color in Culture, Marketing and Personal Presentation. Color is also a form of non-verbal communication, as we dress in the colors we wish to express about ourselves on a certain day at a certain time. Artists use colors to excite, represent emotion, present a mood, or even to transform the viewer to another place and time. A scene of the Shoreline Village filled with greens, blues and warm orange can whisk you away and almost make you feel the cool breeze and smell of the salty air, and the warm sunlight on the boardwalk. The juxtaposition of colors next to each other can make a painting come alive with vibrance. Learning about color and it's usage and meaning has helped me create my own art. Check out my California Coastal Collections to see more.

A few meanings of the colors I use in my palette (and-yes, I picked out the positive side of color)

Red-energy, passion, action, determination, warmth

Orange-social communication, optimism and emotional strength

Yellow-knowledge, uplifting, hope, cheerful and illumination

Green-growth, balance and self-reliance

Turquoise-communicative, clarity, friendly and happy

Blue-trust, peace, loyalty and integrity

Purple-imaginative, spirituality, introspective

Pink-harmony, balance, encouragement and love

Need more information about color? Check out these links:

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