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Art Classes and Workshops 




855 South Main Ave., Ste K#346

Fallbrook CA 92028


Phone: 1-760-728-1506

"Let me help you
Stop and Observe.
Open your heart
and Discover Art.
Be Inspired. "


Bjlane found her passion in drawing and painting at a young age.  For over 50 years she has hosted gallery showings, taught art classes to the young and old, and captured her life and those around her with her heart and hands.  

Bjlane is a  Community Artist.  

Plein Air (the basis of much of her representational work) helps define specific places, and transports the observer into the artwork as they become part of the intricacy of living a metropolitan lifestyle with its ever-changing history, intermixed with modern technology and structure.

Whether it be landscape, portraits, sculpture, figurative or abstract there is a sense of underlying structure as she utilizes traditional design techniques, color composition and balance in each piece. 

Delving deep in the heart of the subject, her Portrait and Figurative Work (whether painted or sculpted) captures the essence of emotion and the connection that binds us all.

After years of developing skills in different medium, one of her most favorite painting mediums is oil in a solid form. Painting with gloved fingers oil paint is applied directly onto the canvas without the use of brushes or palette knife. Many of her mixed medium pieces also include this medium.  In addition to traditional painting and sculpting media, her 2D work includes  encaustic (hot wax), watercolor, acrylic and digital medium. Her 3D works are also created with a variety of material including Paperclay, Fiberclay, Metal, Bronze, Aluminum and Concrete.


Since 1974, Bjlane's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums.  Her Art has been exhibited at the Huntington Library in San Marino, the Brand Library in Glendale, the Millard Sheets Gallery in Pomona and the Fallbrook Art Center. In addition, several of her pieces are included in the Permanent Collection of the Inland Empire Museum of Art and the Latino Museum of Art in Pomona. Bjlane was selected as the 2013-2014 artist to represent the 25th District in the Senate Art Exhibit at the State Capitol.  


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