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#dailygratitude - twilight


“54 Sunset” - Classic Car Collections

1954 Chevy

Oil on canvas 24”x 24”


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As sun vanishes

From the western sky

Colors remain

If only for a moment

Reflecting spectrum hue

Upon earthly life.


The backstory:

I love where I live, here in Southern California. Close to the coastline, the views of sunsets are spectacular. If I happen to be cooking and catch a glimpse of one out the back window, , I stop whatever I’m doing and run outside on our porch to get a bit closer to heaven.

What better way to highlight this shapely beauty than to let nature enhance its delightful colors. Reflecting the setting sun, this painting of a 54 Chevy glows with Southern California Coastal color.

Find a place to add this piece to your home ... and your collection of Bjlane FineArt and Decor.


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