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#dailygratitude - the women


The Poetry of Art:

The lady stands.

The brick wall glows with sunshine.

She is the building. Beauty.

The lady sits.

Spot of orange upon the road.

She is the classic. Graceful.

The lady walks.

Passing orange across pavement.

She is the woman. Lovely.

The world stands still.

To watch three ladies in orange.

They are the women. Exquisite.

“LADY IN ORANGE” - Metro Collections

Oil on canvas 37”x55”



I love to observe the glow of sunlight bouncing off the environment around me. In this piece I not only saw the orange hues on the old brick building but saw it in the pavement and in 3 prominent figures in my view. To me they were the women. Gracious, lovely, and purposeful. Glowing with life.

This original is for sale. Interested in purchasing? Message me for details

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