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#dailygratitude - the search


Where is my gratitude today?

This lovely day.

Have I forgotten to give thanks?

This precious day.

My grateful heart has been misplaced.

This sunny day.

Yet so much to be grateful for.

This sacred day.

The sun is out. My heart is warmed.

Today. This day.

Daily Gratitude.

“Two quick sketches ”

3”x6” sketchbook

Pen, watercolor and pencil

©Bjlane 2019

The backstory:

How does an idea form? Poetry and art are similar in their processes. Here is a peek at a quick sketch ...

A precious day studying beautiful cars has my mind dreaming in shape and color. How I wish I’d brought my canvas and paint. With only my small sketchbook in hand, and an invitation to La Jolla’s car show, I managed to catch a couple small sketches of the day. Roughly done, it will be a good reminder of the beauty of days gone by. Perhaps a painting of La Jolla’s Concours de’ Elegance will be a future project. So glad I brought a camera!

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