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#dailygratitude - the salty air


“Surf’s Up” - Classic Car Collections

Oil on canvas 24”x 24”


ORIGINAL FOR SALE - Contact me directly


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Green and Blue.

Trees and Sky.


Brown. Aqua.

Sand and Sea.

Warm and bright.

Light and dark.




The backstory:

This gentleman was setting in the shade with boards attached, just waiting for his chance to smell the sea air. In the parking lot at the Fallbrook Vintage Car Show, the owner had found a temporary parking spot, and left him behind to wait. Though this handsome guy was not officially in the show, I was prepared. In a wink of an eye, I whipped out my readied camera and caught his portrait as I passed him by. Zooming in on his surfboard, I imagined his story and magically smelled salty sea air, touched soft sand, and felt warm sunlight. I called out to him, “I’ll meet you at the beach!”

Find a place to add this piece to your home ... and your collection of Bjlane FineArt and Decor.


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