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#dailygratitude - the road trip


There are roads, straight and narrow.

Some go round and round.

There are streets that take sharp turns.

Others just dead end.

Some are highways going up.

Some are going down.

Some are avenues of light.

Others darkly lit.

Different roads we travel on

Have one thing that’s true.

All these roads have taken us

Where we are today.

So...let’s rejoice! The journey’s here!

Let’s go “hit the road”!

Title : “On the Road Again"

Digital IPad Painting



#ipadart #everydaypoetry #originalart #mixedmedium #pleinair #floral #fineart #decor #originalart #gratitude #portraits #artcommissions #gifts #paintings #artist #decor #digitalart #bettereveryday #ballet #landscape #carart

The backstory:

Oh how we crave for adventure and fun in the sun—especially when she seduces us with her bright light and warmth. Packed and ready to go, we leave our homes, jobs, and schools behind us and venture out into the summer heat. The road trip calls us and we are on our way. Hotels, friends, scenery—restaurants, beaches, and museums. We are surrounded by opportunities, adventure,and activities. But when the sun sets, day is done, and vacation comes to an end, we return back home, grateful for our own bed—dreaming of the day when once again we get to experience another road trip.

This piece was created freehand, directly on my iPad (with my fingers). As I headed back home from my day’s outing, I quickly painted the night scenery—catching the last glimmer of the road on my brightly lit screen.

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