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#dailygratitude - the rain


The Poetry of Art - Plein Air Collections

Pitter patter.




In the Rain.

The backstory:

I spent several rainy evenings in my car creating this piece. I can still vividly recall the cool night, the glow of the warm streetlights above and the steady pitter patter of the soft Autumn rain on the metal roof above me. A warm cup a joe, my canvas propped on my steering wheel with some paint sticks in the passenger seat, and this night scene before me, I felt at one with my world.

Some artists believe working “en Plein Air” is an essential part of growing as an artist.  Instead of just working from photographs (which many artist do), painting “en Plein Air” gives you the opportunity to work in a three-dimensional world, where you are using your 5 senses in order to create. You not only SEE the scenery, you smell it, feel it, and hear it. Can you hear the rain?

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