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#dailygratitude - the journey


The Poetry of Art

Night has come. The day is done.

Today was quite a day.

Streets were filled with travelers

Who traveled on their way

From here to there and back again.

They kept a rapid pace.

I watched as they swerved and moved.

It was a kind of race.

They all were going somewhere

Their face I could not see.

They all were on a journey.

Just like you and me.

The Foothill Freeway

36"x 36”"

Oil on Canvas


The backstory:

Nighttime traffic can be challenging in the city. Cars swerving, changing lanes, horns honking, and people anxious to get where they’re going.

For a brief moment, take the artists perspective as you view the scene from a new set of eyes. Filled with movement, perspective, and color, a rainy night on the freeway can be a beautiful experience.

A colorful night scene, and a trip to somewhere. Still your mind and take a ride with me. Embrace the journey.

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