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#dailygratitude - the gift of time



Oil on canvas 12”x 12”


Fine Art for Sale: Originals & Prints



Standing here.

Against a wall.

Dressed in blue and white.

Her chrome skirt

Reflects the colors.

Purple, red, and brown.

The beauty of

Her lovely face.

Reminds us of ourselves.

A wallflower.

Full of life.

Ready for the dance.


The backstory:

I found this sweetheart in Seal Beach parked against a brick wall. She reminded me of myself when I was young and shy. Watching. Waiting. I stood in the shadows somewhat hidden from the dance floor.

The gift of time brings courage, perspective, and understanding. The real beauty of life.

Never again will I wait in hope for opportunity to embrace me.

Today is a new day.

Today I begin a new life.


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