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#dailygratitude - Sunrise


Brilliant glow with hue so bright.

Radiant beams of light

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Seasons pass.

Flowers bloom and bluebirds sing

Their song of praise.

Title: “sunbeams ”

Mixed Digital oil painting


The backstory:

My plein air bag, easel and canvas were waiting eagerly to have an adventure in the flower gardens. I looked up at the sky covered with clouds and heard a constant rhythmic sound. A moment of sadness came over me. Today’s trip to paint “en plein air” was officially cancelled. It was going to be an indoor kind-of-a-day. Looking around my studio at the many pieces of work I could complete, I spied a vase filled with silk sunflowers sitting on a shelf. The blank canvas begged me to fill it with color. In the near future, this oil painting would become a digital remix of brilliance.

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