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I knew you, before I was born.

Your curious eyes.

Your amazing mind.

I came alive the day we met.

Your smile so sweet.

Your words so kind.

I’ve held your hand along the way.

We raised our kids.

We’ve built our life.

You’ve help me be better every day.

You are my husband.

I am your wife.

Young at Heart - the husband/the wife


The backstory:

It seems we’d met before sometime, someplace. At 19-years-old I looked into my future husband’s twinkling eyes and his fun spirit made me smile. Even after being with him for all these years, he makes me laugh. I often wonder what he was like as a child. His curious mind, playful attitude, and attention to details continues to amaze me. He’s taught me many things, but most of all to be amazed, and stay young.

Love, live, and laugh. After all, it’s a beautiful life!

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