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#dailygratitude - sisters

The Backstory:

A double portrait of my older daughters when they were five and two, brings back all the joys of being a young mother. These were the days before Autism. Bright, smart, and full of fun, both taught me how to play again. They taught me how to be a mother, and I learned how to balance my art and family life. When I was working in my studio, or off to an art class, Dad would become the babysitter. They learned early on how to fun Dad could be, and how to take advantage of his fatherly gifts. They still smile when they recall how they got him to let them stay up late by asking as many questions as they could think up.He was always full of long, involved answers. A scientist at heart, he was always willing to teach, even after bedtime.

Done with Airbrush, the soft, sweet children glow with light and color. They have become wonderful women, with greatness in their hearts. They are the light of my life, and I am so lucky to be their mother. And they are lucky to have each other.

After all, it’s a beautiful life.


“MEMOIRS OF THE HEART”- ART EXHIBIT through March 28, 2020

Portrait workshop: Sat. 3/7/20 2-4pm

Closing reception: Sat. 3/21/20 2-4pm

Vista Library

700 Eucalyptus Ave

Vista, CA 92084

Schedule a private tour;



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