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#dailygratitude - relationships


I have a memory long ago.

The man who stole my heart.

He was the one who opened up

A brand new world to me.

He taught me how to play and laugh.

A world I knew not of.

We walked together down our path.

And made a bond so true.

We raised our family best we could.

He sits beside me now.

We watch the world go passing by.

Together we still learn.

I give to you my heart and soul.

I’m lucky you are mine.

Title: “Rubbing Noses”

Airbrushed Acrylic on illustration board


The backstory:

In the days of film and non-digital cameras, I often used my handy Nikon to take pictures for reference for future work. This painting was inspired by catching a moment that showed the relationship between my husband and my dog. It wasn’t until a few years later that I chose to create art from that image. Done with airbrush, on illustration board, this piece shows the loving connection of relationships.

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