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#dailygratitude - precious time


Night has come.

Colors fade.

Shades of grey remain.


Observing life.

Listening to silence.


Past days gone by.

And those yet to come.

Eyes open.

Heart engaged.

Peaceful is the mind.

This one gift.

A life to live.

How precious is our time.

Title: “self portrait in black and white”

Mixed Digital B&W - Oil Painting



The backstory:

Have you ever really taken a look? I mean REALLY taken a look? The self portrait can help the Artist not only develop more skills, (like understanding shapes, depth, deep shadows and highlights), but it can also be a journey in self-awareness. How do we see ourselves? Who are we? HONESTLY.

Created first as a full-color oil painting on canvas, this mixed digital painting has all color stripped away. This enabled me to take an even deeper look beneath the surface ... reflecting on who I have become.

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