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#dailygratitude - playing with color


Long waited days of dark and grey.

The color soon appears.

The fields replace their drabby hues

With pink and orange and blue.

The vibrancy of color true

Takes our breath away.

And then we take a second look

And this is what they say.

Title: “brilliance-African flower fields”

Mixed Digital-watercolor painting


The backstory:

Technology is such a wonderful tool. It helps us advance knowledge, provides opportunities for connecting with each other, and makes life better. Unlike my mother who used an outdoor toilet, hung clothes on a clothesline to dry, and used a wall mounted crank phone instead of a cellphone, we bask in convenience. Even the artist has new tools to create her work. From photoshop to dozens of drawing programs, and digit camera apps, she can fill up her digital tool kit. It seems that almost anyone can change an ordinary photograph onto a piece of art. But if you consider tools to be just tools, there still requires the artist’s mind to create something out of the ordinary. Just as metal is formed and bent and manipulated with different tools until it becomes a piece of exceptional fine art, so too, digital tools can create a masterpiece.

I hope you will enjoy my digit collection, as I begin to share the work I have created in this digitally manipulative realm.

If you see a piece you love, just let me know and I can add it to my store as a special purchase.

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