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#dailygratitude - Observations


Title : “Self Portrait in Pen”- Colored Sharpie on Paper


The model here

Is me my dear.

My mouth, my hair, my eyes

I stare at me.

What do I see?

The truth. There are no lies.

The mouth is still.

My hair is real.

With natural curls and gray.

I know my heart

Is full of art.

What more is there to say.

The Backstory:

Why do many artists create self portraits? Reflecting on life, reflecting on self, the artist studies. Each imperfection, each element of line, shade and color, is magnified. Self portraits are rendition of observation, one moment of creative intensity, and a glimpse into the artist’s heart.

After all, it’s a beautiful life.


“MEMOIRS OF THE HEART”- ART EXHIBIT through March 28, 2020

Portrait workshop: Sat. 2/8/20 2-4pm

Closing reception: Sat. 3/21/20 2-4pm

Vista Library

700 Eucalyptus Ave

Vista, CA 92084

Schedule a private tour;



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